1. Plan to arrive in the Radiology department (at the south end of the building) 5 minutes prior to your exam time. Do not wear deodorant, and do not use powder or oil on your breasts. If you have used these products, please wash the breast area and under your arms before your arrival. Your appointment will last about 20 minutes.
  2. A 3D mammogram is a test that combines multiple breast images to create a three-dimensional picture of the breast. The breasts are composed of many types of tissue, and must be flattened (or compressed) in order to see the tissue more clearly. While it may be uncomfortable, this should not hurt. If it does, please tell the technologist. She will work with you to make the position as comfortable as possible.
  3. The examination normally consists of two views of each breast. However, additional views are sometimes necessary either to compress a small area (spot compression) or to magnify a small area (spot magnification). These views may be done in conjunction with your mammogram, or they may be performed at a later time. Do not be alarmed if additional views or studies are requested. This is routine, and will assist the radiologist in providing a more accurate diagnosis.
  4. The Clinics of North Texas is accredited by the Texas Department of Health, and your technologist has a special registry in the field of mammography. We comply with state regulations, FDA, and our equipment is inspected by a physicist annually.
  5. Your initial exam will be reviewed for technical quality by the mammographer before you leave the clinic. Please remember that the technologist is not qualified to give you a preliminary report before you leave.
  6. The radiologist (a doctor with specialized training in imaging) will analyze the images for any specific abnormalities or change. After all additional views and procedures are completed, a written report will be sent to your doctor. You will obtain the mammogram report from your physician. You will receive a written report in the mail in the next 30 days following your mammogram.