MRI with Ambient Experience

The Ambient Experience:

  • Ability to watch and listen to a movie during the exam.
  • You can choose up to 40 different themes while listening to music.
  • Wider opening
  • Faster exam times
  • Quieter exams
  • Superior image quality

1. This test will examine the area of interest using a magnetic field. There are no known health risks from using this magnetic field to make images. You will lie on a special table that slides into a tunnel. You will hear loud, knocking sounds during the exam, but you will not be able to feel anything. You will be able to talk to the technologist through a microphone. If you like, you may bring your favorite CD and listen to it during the scan. The test normally takes from 30 -50 minutes.

2. There is no preparation for this test. You may take your medication as normal. When scheduling your exam, we will ask if you have a pacemaker, have ever had surgery to the area of interest, or have had heart or brain surgery. We must know if you have ever had metal in your eyes or if you have done the type of work in which you could have had metal fragments in your eye. If so, we will perform a set of x-rays over your orbital area to confirm your eyes are free of foreign bodies. This is for your safety.

3. Depending on the test ordered, the technologist may inject contrast into a vein in your arm. The contrast gives the magnet the ability to image different areas of the body.

4. A registered technologist will make a set of images for the Radiologist.

5. You will receive the report from your doctor.

6. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Before entering the MRI scanning room, you will be asked to remove watch, jewelry and other metal or magnetic sensitive objects. For this reason, we suggest that you dress in comfortable loose-fitting clothes with a minimum of metal (sweat pants, t-shirt or sweat shirt). You will also be asked to remove your bra because of metal hooks or snaps. Although the MRI exam is painless, it does require the patient to lie still for extended periods of time.

7. CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, but it is important for you to notify us a day in advance. This courtesy allows us to make arrangements for other patients.