1. This test will give the obstetrician information and measurements on the fetus. There are no known documented health risks involved in this exam.

2 DRINK 24 OUNCES OF WATER, FINISHING ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME. DO NOT EMPTY YOUR BLADDER. A full bladder will help to image the lower uterus and cervix area.

3. A second-third trimester ultrasound will include measurements of the baby's head, abdomen, and thigh bones, as well as images of the heart, spine, placenta, and cord. The technologist is not allowed to comment what appears to be normal or abnormal anatomy. While the examination does not include gender as part of the test, we will do our best to see if you are having a boy or a girl.

4. The Radiologist report will be sent to your doctor. Your obstetrician will give you the final report after combining the results of your ultrasound with your other clinical data.

5. Please remember: THIS IS A MEDICAL PROCEDURE THAT REQUIRES TIME AND CONCENTRATION. One adult (no children) will be allowed into the exam room with you while the technologist is completing the required measurements and images needed.

6. Please No cell phones, videos, or cameras allowed during the exam.

However, once the exam is completed other adults will be allowed into the exam room and the technologist will show everyone images of the baby. You will also be given a CD of specific images of the baby.